IT Service

IT Service

RMUTL Account

Personnel and students of the university will receive a user account called the RMUTL Account for accessing information systems and the internet within the university


University personnel and students can access the service through the Microsoft 365 email provider, which is the university’s internal email system.


The university provides high-speed wireless internet service under the name @Internet-RMUTL, @RMUTL-Web-Login, which covers all six areas within the university campus. The service can be accessed using an RMUTL account.

Software license

Licensed software is available for download by students and personnel for educational and research purposes. The software includes Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, and others.


The university has introduced a VPN network to support academic activities, administration, and research. The VPN service will enable students, staff, faculty, and researchers to securely access the university’s internal network from remote locations.


The service is available to students and faculty members of the university who require assistance with information technology or the university’s internal network.

Using Microsoft Teams for Online Learning

Microsoft Teams can be accessed in three ways:

  1. Through a web browser at https://teams.microsoft.com
  2. Download the app from the Play store or App store on your smartphone
  3. Install the program on your computer.

To access online classes with Microsoft Teams, students must:

  1. Log in with their university email address.
    1. The email format is the first two digits of the student’s English surname, followed by the first two digits of the student code, followed by @live.rmutl.ac.th. For example: Dspace_ar63@live.rmutl.ac.th
    2. Use their 13-digit ID number as the password.


To find your university email address:

  1. Visit the website of the Office of Academic Resources and Information Technology at Lanna Tai University: https://arit.rmutl.ac.th/search_email
  2. Enter your student ID, first name, last name, or ID card number into the search box.

Press “search” and your student information will appear below the search box.

Accessing Online Classes (Classroom)

To access online classes, students must go to the Online Learning Management System (LMS) website through the access channel. The QR code link to the LMS is https://lms.rmutl.ac.th/

If there is a problem with the email, students should contact the Office of Academic Resources and Information Technology at Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna.

The line is @aritrmutl, and the Facebook page is ARITRMUTL.Official.