Vision / Mission / Goals

Vision / Mission / Goals


“Innovation for Community”


“A leading university in the field of profession and technology in producing graduates as practitioners to elevate the quality of life of the society, community and local area sustainably.”


  1. To manage professional and technological education and produce professional teachers both nationally and internationally, with an emphasis on producing graduates who possess ethics, morality, self-reliance, and are an academic resource for the country, regions, and communities, both public and private sectors.
  2. To create and apply research outputs that generate innovation, intellectual property, or innovation that responds to the national strategy, societal needs, communities, public and private sectors, and the country.
  3. To provide academic services that focus on the transfer of knowledge in science, technology, and innovation that aligns with the university’s professional and technological education context and responds to local, community, and societal needs.
  4. To manage learning, research, or academic services that lead to the preservation of Thai arts and culture or create opportunities and added value for students, communities, society, and the country.
  5. To manage the mission and vision in accordance with the principles of good governance, with effective monitoring, evaluation, flexibility, transparency, and accountability.


A professional practitioner with a technology-based foundation.