Symbol of RMUTL

Symbol of RMUTL

Symbol of RMUTL

The Rajamangala symbol takes the form of a circle, with the Phra Maha Phichai Crown underneath. Inside the circle is an 8-petal lotus flower, symbolizing wisdom and the light in the world. Within the lotus blossom is a royal image, which serves as the seal of His Majesty the King, who bestowed the name “Rajamangala University of Technology”. A pair of nectar flowers are located at the end of the bar, representing prosperity, brightness, and joy.

The fineness of The “Rajamangala” symbol is known and appreciated by the people of Rajamangala and the general public. Rajamangala University of Technology is an institution that is committed to its mission of strengthening professional education, fostering progress, and expanding its branches, as it continues to honor the generosity of His Majesty the King.

Color : Golden Brown

Golden brown symbolizes lasting prosperity, which is comparable to Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna located in a region that thrives in education, arts, and culture, serving as a base for promoting graduates with moral principles and advancing the university as a center of continuous learning.

Golden brown is a neutral color created by combining features that can be integrated with all colors, making it stand out beautifully. Similarly, Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna is committed to integrated management within the region to produce graduates who are well-prepared in all aspects, contributing to social development, and leading a happy, self-reliant life.

The Cork Tree (Kasalong)

Kasalong, also known as Millingtonia hortensis, is a tree widely recognized in Lanna for its white flowers, which symbolize purity and virtue, and its fragrant blooms, reminiscent of the reputation and prestige of the university.

“According to Thai culture, Kasalong is considered a sacred tree that, when grown, brings honor and fame to the surrounding area.” Kasalong has strong, airy stems. There are white flower bouquets blooming downward, similar to the characteristics of the university’s graduates who possess moral integrity, ethics, expertise, and knowledge to foster sustainable development and prosperity for society and the nation.”